Education and work

Autodidact Artist

Date of birth: 11-03-1961, City: Shekhan, South of Kurdistan

Own  Studio   (Amersfoort The Netherlands)

Member of  CBKU

Member of  (Artists Union of Kurdistan)

Member of  (KURDISH ART )

2002  Grafimedia and webdesign, (Opatel)  Rotterdam  The  Netherlands

1996  Free Art (HKU)  Utrecht   The Netherlands

1981  Since of Geology (Salahaddin University) Erbil  Kurdistan


2017  Amersfoort, Gallery Keramevo

2016   Amersfoort , Gallery Keramevo 

2015    Amersfoort kunst kijkroute – solo

2015    Amersfoort  Arta-ganza group

2014   Amersfoort,  nieuwe erven – group

2014   Amsterdam, podium mozaïek – solo

2011   Amersfoort De Oude Viltfabriek – solo

2010   Amersfoort Koets Huis  Randenbroek – solo

2009   Amersfoort Smaak – solo

2008   Leusden Cultureel Centrum – solo

2007   Amersfoort kunst kijk route – solo

2006   Utrecht Uithof Gallery  – solo

2005   Utrecht Hoog Catharijne – groep

2005   Amsterdam  abc treehouse gallery – group

2005   Utrecht Hoog Catharijne – groep

2005   Amsterdam  shine squad gallery – solo

2004   Nijmegen  campus Radboud university  “iconoclasm”

2004   Amersfoort  de kamer (Amersfoortse salon) – group

2004   Amersfoort  staalkaart

2003   Amersfoort  staalkaart

2002   Amersfoort de kamer (Amersfoortse salon)  group

2001   Amersfoort staalkaart

1997   Amsterdam  Mozes en Aaron kerk group

1997   Amersfoort  kurdisch cultureel festival  solo

1996   Groningen   openbare bibliotheek solo

1995   Amersfoort  openbare bibliotheek  solo

1978 – 1992  kurdistan, Iraq, Turkey , Switzerland solo and groups

Interviews and articles in different newspapers, radio and tv e.g. ; Interview 2016 AD and Amersfoort Nu, 2001 Interview (TV) Belgium, 1996 Interview (Netherlands 1 radio), 2000 interview Amersfoort tv and radio.


As a child i liked color, shapes, light  and different materials such as textile, paper, wood, minerals , sand and stones. Always i needed to analyze things ; touch it, feel it, smell and study it. Full of admiration i watched my uncle working at his studio waiting of the moment when i was allowed to work with a paint and canvas, i enjoyed the color of the  oil paint, the smell, the brush, the canvas. When could i  start painting……?  i begin to copy with a pencil, made  parts black and left parts white so i discovered contrast, i plaid with light and light fall.

At last i got color pencils and start practice flowers, trees, figures, persons and landscapes.

Anytime i discovered something new and try to draw from  any other angel, any other corner, other light fall. My family noticed my creations but my wish to study at the academy encounter opposition. At last i choose for geology, fascinated as i was by minerals and fossils. i found lots of them when i was at my grandmother who lived in the mountain in Kurdistan.  I was curious of the origin, of the source and may be i  still  could go to the moon….., were i could look for stones and minerals to analyze them, because my second wish was to become an  astronaut. My third  choice are geology evenly brought me near to my passion – studying stones; their structure, form, reflection  of the light, there arise, origin of the cosmos, the earth. the ensemble of the elements fire, water, earth and air enlarged the respect, the wondering, the love which i feel  for the earth  brought me to art. It gave me a lot of energy and on the same time it empty me, i feel clear. it fill’s me with joy and happiness also with sadness, i feel one with it all. The earth as mother- symbol is for me no abstraction – just the opposite its the truth for me – as a  little girl i have lost by illness my mother and trough the earth i feel the contact with her. You know her body was given to the earth and became earth, this element made me survive. It hurts me when i see the indifference, the exhaustions of the earth, the attack of the environment the milieu touch me more than i can say and hurt me. The honor and the respect of the nature by a lot of people makes me very happy. When i start a new work every time its an adventure excitement, several emotions, remember, a desire, waiting full looking for recognition and acceptance.


The first touch with the canvas start like a dance, has iteration and slowly roused, away from reality but on the end the result which again and again surprises me and though me. I never know what the end of my work will be. it is characteristic in my work that many times the same theme comes in the shape of a female figure or a deer, a picture of the pre-historic which are found on cave-walls. the deer is the symbol for love and safety. I remember a painting with deers hanging on the wall at my home, my mother was still alive, so it was for me a golden time, i felt save and protected and unconditional loved, curious for the feature.

When i paint a deer now it also gave me the feeling of love and peace in the wood. On the same time i am anxious to know of the artist who lived in the pre-hysteric time. My female figure is symbolic for power, beauty, vulnerability, motherhood, origin, earth, warmth, energy, rest and peace. At the beginning i start drawing figures and examples from nature, later on persons and landscapes and my interest in the big painters from the 18th and 19th century for example – cesanne, Manet, Monet, dali etc, i studied there style and tried it out on my own way. Especially impressionism calls my interest.


The last time i try to find balance in my work between  rough and fine, hard and soft, light and dark. sometimes create concrete forms but most time abstract.

First i worked with dark colors, followed by a period of  very light colors even transparent, now i incline to prime colors  who overflow.

When i was twenty i experiment more with different natural material as sand, stone, minerals, wood, paper and  textile. oil paint is now for me the most real medium because of the structure  it gave me the possibility to express the contrasts. I can also express the tension between the  materials. depending on the kind of work, i paint on any  dimension. My preference is the dimension of the canvas so that i have  room for energy movement with the material and canvas.